About Us

Behind every great company there is a great story.

Lamosa has been consolidated over the years as the largest company in the construction industry throughout the Americas. Know the path we have traveled.


Our history as Grupo Lamosa began in 1890 with the founding of Compañía Manufacturera de Ladrillos de Monterrey. That same year, it was acquired by the engineers Bernardo Elosúa and Viviano Valdés, becoming Ladrillera Monterrey S.A.


We started production in 1933, being the first Mexican company to manufacture tiles, floors and mud blocks. Likewise, we started the use of natural gas in production to replace firewood.


The decade of the 90’s was characterized by a series of organizational changes tending to place Grupo Lamosa as a company with international quality standards. It is in this year when Ladrillera Monterrey, S.A. modifies its corporate name by that of Grupo Lamosa, S.A. of C.V.


In this year, the Benito Juárez Coatings Plant, dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic walls, starts operations. Important efforts are being made to increase participation in the Luxury segment, such as the market launch in the health business of the luxury line “Ambiance”.


The change in the corporate identity of Grupo Lamosa has been another aspect that reflects the commitment to quality and innovation, as well as the vision of creating value through differentiation. The investment plan implemented in the different businesses, together with the dynamism of the construction sector allowed capitalizing opportunities, providing the Group with a competitive cost structure, developing new products and having a cutting-edge technological platform.


As part of Grupo Lamosa’s growth strategy, Porcelanite was acquired, allowing us to continue with the growth trend observed in recent years, expand the business base and capitalize on important synergies.


At the beginning of 2015, Grupo Lamosa sells its Sanitarios business to the Colombian company Corona. With the sale of the Sanitarios business, Grupo Lamosa focuses on its Ceramic Adhesives and Coatings businesses inside and outside of Mexico.


During that year Grupo Lamosa continues to strengthen its financial structure through the significant reduction of the debt acquired for the acquisition of Porcelanite. Likewise, it ends the year showing growth in its results and a performance in the price of the Lamosa * share higher than the index of the Mexican Stock Exchange.

The story we keep writing ...


From the beginning, we have the vision to be leaders in our category with products that preserve your heritage and the reputation of all the professionals and installers who entrust their projects to us, without forgetting the commitment we have with the community and our environment.


Day by day we work together to innovate our materials and designs to offer you the best cutting-edge technology such as Full Definition and alternative formats such as our new hexagonal products, large formats, rectified, among others.

Green Matters

With the “Green Matters” initiative, we transformed the business into a low-carbon operating system, which implies being able to measure the environmental impact of our processes. “Green Matters” is focused on the development of products and services to help our clients in their initiatives and sustainable construction projects to reduce the environmental impact.


Beyond technology, at Lamosa we are committed to innovate from our company and employees. We want to highlight our spirit of renewal and to spread to customers, employees and shareholders with the emotion we feel for our work, for bringing the best products at your reach and for all the actions of daily life where we are always present. Because we believe that the floor is exactly where life happens.